Al Yamana General Trade Company founded in 2018. With our expertise and a very distinct position in the industry, we guarantee a competitive edge in both quality and price to all our partner.

With the progress of time, we have widened the range of our products and we bring to you some of the finest qualities of Ambient, Chilled and Frozen. We mainly dealing with ITALIAN products.

AL YAMANA offers you a comprehensive solution for cautiously curated selection of the best quality and most authentic food products, from mid-range to gourmet. We take pride in keeping in line with our core values and in order to achieve that, we work together as one team and improve the excellent working relationships with our clients. Our premium portfolio offers over 2000 quality products across multiple industries with global brands.

Moreover, we have very highly qualified team in processing and marketing department to ensure best in its class products, timely delivery and excellent pre and post shipment services. Striving diligently into the future the company will continue to work with passion, integrity and trust, collaborating closely with clients to achieve successful and inspiring projects.

"Our objective has been focused on constant development of product quality in order to gain the trust of our customers and realize their needs with respect to Quality and Price."

Through superior demographic research and data analysis, and a industry standard distribution chain we succeed in serving our customers with efficiency. Our customers include high end restaurants, star hotels, hypermarket chains, fast food chains, airline caterings, hospitals and Guest Palaces etc.

We are well-integrated in the food business and can therefore follow emerging influences and trends within the food industry. We know we have to keep our finger on the pulse of evolving consumer trends if we aspire to keep ourselves ahead of the competition and succeed in the business we are in. We believe in innovating and introducing new products as well as "offering solutions". We have a modern, flexible approach with our BUSINESS and our intentions are to give our customers a reliable service based on individual requirements. To achieve this objective, our senior personnel and consultants, in-house chefs, travel around the world to the factories, farms, warehouses where we procure our food from.

As food distributors we represent and connect the best food brands to Bahrain’s market with an extensive list of customers and suppliers. Please browse through our website and get to know more about us.